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Automotive Logic Tester


Product Information

  • Part number: ACTCP7852 (ISN)
  • Automotive Logic Tester


Retail Price:$65.06

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Product Details

Part Description: Automotive Logic Tester


Features and Benefits:

  • Safely test most automotive electrical circuits 3-26 volts
  • Identify shorts, wire breaks, or failed sensors
  • Easily check grounds on many circuits allowing quicker diagnosis time than traditional circuit tester or digital voltmeter
  • Safe for engine control modules or power train control modules
  • Indicates presence of signal to fuel injectors, or tach reference signals

Multi-functional design allows testing range of 3-26 volts. Bright red and green LEDs interpret voltage signals such as ground, power, and frequency. Tests fuel injectors, solenoids, presence of serial data, and tach reference signals. Output tests on MAF, Cam, Crank, Hall Effect VRS sensors and more. High impedance input compatible with computer circuits and sensors.

Brand: Actron

Warranty: 1 yr warranty on material and workmanship