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OBDII Memory Saver

THX808 (ISN)

Product Information

  • Part number: THX808 (ISN)
  • OBDII Memory Saver


Retail Price:$146.33

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Product Details

Part Description: OBDII Memory Saver


 Features and Benefits

  • Hooks directly up to THX807 PowerUP Tester to provide a portable OBDll memory saver without having to hook up to the battery
  • Interface connector between a jump starter and a vehicle's OBDII port
  • Prevents electronic memory loss when disconnecting a vehicle's battery
  • LED confirms a proper connection has been made to the OBDII port
  • Saves Memory
  • Turns any jump starter with a 12V power port into a memory saver
  • In-line Fuse Protected


Brand: Thexton

Warranty: 1 yr warranty on material and workmanship