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What is a Caliper's Function?

Calipers are an important part of a vehicle's brake system. They are found on the rotor, and work with it to create friction when pressing on the brake. This helps slow down the wheels and stop them from turning when slowing down. Calipers can be divided into two main categories, floating and fixed calipers. Both are effective but the main difference is that floating calipers move when pressing on the brake whereas fixed ones do not.


When You Should Replace Your Calipers

Some Reasons Your Calipers Need to be Replaced:

  • Brake Issues
    This is the most obvious sign that there is an issue with the braking system, which could mean an issue with the calipers. You might find yourself having to press on the brake really hardly for it to work. The brake pedal may also feel different whether it is harder or softer than before. Lastly, when pressing on the brake, the car may pull to one side if there's an issue with the calipers.
  • Visual Indicators
    brake or anti lock braking system light may flash, indicating there's an issue with the braking system. Another visual indicator is seeing brake fluid leaks around the wheels or engine part.
  • Noise
    Sometimes your brake could make loud noises when pressing on it if there's an issue with the calipers. These are typically squealing, grinding or squeaking noises.

Find Calipers for Your Vehicle

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