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What is the function of Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs provide electricity to a vehicle through receiving spark energy from the ignition system. Then after it receives this energy, it goes through a process that converts it to the electricity needed to power the engine and start the car. A car, and more specifically the engine would not be able to function without functioning spark plugs.

Spark Plugs

When You Should Replace Your Car's Spark Plugs

Some Reasons Your Spark Plugs Need to be Replaced:

  • Issues with the Engine
    As mentioned, the engines performance is directly related to how well the spark plugs are working. If there's an issue with the spark plugs, the engine light may flash. Also, the engine may start to make noises when they are not functioning normally, which again could be because of issues with the spark plugs.
  • Using More Gas than Usual
    Whenever spark plugs are not working normally, a vehicle can use more gas than usual. This is because the sparks won't be able to normally burn the fuel that goes to the engine.
  • Issues with Starting and Speeding up the Car
    Spark plugs not functioning normally are therefore not able to properly power the engine and start the car. If the car is still able to start, issues with spark plugs may show when having issues speeding up.

Find Replacement Spark Plugs for Your Vehicle

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