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What is a Rotor's Function?

Rotors are an important part of the braking system of a car. They are circular discs that are attached to each wheel of a car. It's actually the rotor that the brake pad pushes down on when trying to stop the wheels from continuing to move. It is extremely important to make sure the rotor properly functions as a brake will not work without a working rotor.

When You Should Replace Your Rotor

Some Reasons Your Rotor Needs to be Replaced:

  • Changes in Shape
    Over time the rotors may change their shape as they lose their ability. An indication is if the rotor(s) starts to look like a dish. The rotor(s) could also develop grooves making the rotor not flat or smooth.
  • Visual Indicators
    Over time heat due to friction can cause the rotor(s) to not function properly anymore. This is because the heat could leave marks on the rotors or even damage it. Sometimes the rotors have blue marks on them from the heat. Also if the rotor is rusty, this could cause the brakes to make noises when pressing on it.
  • Noise
    You might be able to tell that it is time to replace the rotor(s) if there are unusual noises from your car. For example, a vibration feeling and noise from the steering wheel could mean that the rotor is not functioning properly and may need to be replaced. Also you might hear a screeching noise when pressing on the brake, meaning that the rotor(s) need to be checked out.

Find the right Rotor for Your Vehicle

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